The Jerusalem International Book Fair is Back

With Shai Tsabari, Ars Poetica, Poetry Slam, movie screenings and a meeting with Ismail Kadare

The East is Here

An inter-organizational conference which will examine the role of civil society in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival — Season 2015

We are thrilled to share first details about the journey that brings musicians from all across the globe to Jerusalem

Height of the Season: Re-Visiting Ethiopia Street

Legendary composer Emahoy Tsegué’s book set as a high point of the 2013 Season. This week she will celebrate 91 tumultuous years

Height of the Season: Gilly the Kid Says Goodbye to Frontline 2014

The artistic director of the events takes his headphones off and stares directly at Jerusalem's complicated reality. Read more.


The Director’s Piece: an Interview With Tea Tupajić

The Croatian director discusses her work and the recent projects she created for Under the Mountain Festival

"My Public is the People": an Interview with Santiago Sierra

A conversation with the Spanish artist about his practice, international projects and the work he had planned for Under the Mountain 2014

Height of the Season: In-House Festival 2013

Here is a glimpse of some of the houses and spaces that welcomed us and shared their stories and secrets: 


Height of the Season: Contact Point 2013

Last summer marked the fourth year in which we invited you to join us on a fascinating nightly visit to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem;



Height of the Season: Under the Mountain 2013

From the public art school to the Israeli Knesset, here are glimpses from the 2013 events:


PostScript - Experiments for the Future

Click here for our latest online-based project