August 6



Israel Museum

60 ₪

This show is accessible

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Contact Point

A frenzied night of art and people at the Israel Museum

You already know how this works:

For one night of the year, the Israel Museum turns into a hub of raucous nighttime encounters during which art peels itself off the walls, pours out of the collections, and rolls out of the museum spaces and into the souls of the thousands of visitors. Tonight, these visitors are not just observers but partners who experience, respond, and charge the artistic creations with additional meaning.

In its sixth year, Contact Point continues to challenge itself and its guests. From dusk until three in the morning, dozens of artists will present fascinating and thought-provoking interactions throughout the museum and the art garden. Performance artists await you next to, between and inside artworks with which they will engage through music, dance, speech and other creative innovations to devise a new and exciting reality.

These nighttime experiences, which will unfold alongside and in tandem with the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions, will redefine the concept of a museum visit and its role in the contemporary art world. As part of the museum’s 50th celebrations, this summer’s program will include a series of special creations which have been produced especially for the jubilee year and which will offer you an alternative look at the museum’s 50 years of art.

The museum is young but the night is even younger and the adventure is just beginning.


Artistic Director: Renana Raz

Production Director: Neta Cohen

Producer: Hadas Balas

Jerusalem Season of Culture, Artistic Director: Itay Mautner