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Contact Point 2014

Tantalizing Late Night Encounters at the Israel Museum
28 August

A huge thank you from us to all of our partners, participants and everyone who joined us to make this Contact Point at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, so unforgettable. See you next year! 

When you are there, at the event, surrounded by thousands of people who like you, are participating in and creating this vibrant, artistic nighttime experience, stop for a moment. Pause. And take a look at what is going on around you. The ground is shifting beneath you as the skies are rolling above in a state of constant motion, rapidly, in direct contrast to the static artwork. A giant elephant is being blown up in the Art Garden, your friends are climbing to inconceivable heights on the untamable Big Bambu installation, dancers are crawling on the museum floor, a group of people are clutching strange masks as they move around you and everything in a permanent state of movement and fluidity.  

Now in its fifth year, Contact Point is not just a one-time-only nighttime experience that hosts dozens of artists who interact through dialogue, discussions and points of contact with exhibits in the museum, it is also an opportunity for us all to experience the perpetual pulse of the world in which we live. Together we create an unforgettable night in a stunning temple of international art. 

Artistic Director: Renana Raz
Production Director: Neta Cohen
Artistic Production: Hadas Ballas
Production Staff: Zohar Dvir, Ina Miller, Omer Zur, Ofir Sharvit
Communications: Ido Ballas
Technical Production Manager: Dani Fishoff, Magenta: Sound and Lighting

Steering Committee:
Jerusalem Season of Culture: Renana Raz, Itai Maunter, Naomi Bloch Fortis
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Neta Cohen, Zach Granit, Mira Lapidot, Tania Coen-Uzzielli