Under the Mountain

New Public Art School
11 July

The Knesset, Zion Square, American Colony, Nisui High School and the Western Wall

Under the Mountain 2013 is a school for action, life and politics that was integrated organically and critically into the actions of different state institutions. The Knesset, Zion Square, American Colony, the Nisui High School and the Western Wall became, through this ground breaking artistic event, an arena for artistic action that placed the artist in the public domain. 

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About 2013 Events:
New public art acts between politics and aesthetics. New public art stems from the understanding that every social moment is performative. That we are all performing, all the time. New public art is based on the passion for politics, the urge to touch one another, to mingle. New public art is what happens when public experience and political life are the medium and the material of the artwork, when the commons are the site of art, and public space is the stage. New public art moves between the monumental splendor of religious and state rituals, and the creation of a new political culture. New public art is made of people.
Under the Mountain 2013 is a school for action, life and politics which proposes to speak together about the artistic and the public. It invites people to engage as both citizens and artists, organically and critically, in the activity of state institutions. School actions will compose an international platform situated in key sites of the public domain : The Israeli parliament, The Western Wall, The Jerusalem Municipality, a school, a town square and a hotel lobby, with various actions, lessons, theory, history, radio, social experiments, a library and a party.
New Public Art School is a call to productive tension with the commonplace, questioning the everyday and reinventing public behavior. It is about practicing new and given forms of collectivity and thinking: what can people do together? New Public Art School is a critical and constructive settlement in the heart of collective consciousness and state institutions, an attempt to rearticulate what is shared and common in the capital city. The school will present a series of proposals for the designing, redefining and redistribution of public space, and will call for the inauguration of state art.      

Artistic director: Omer Krieger
Producer: Yael Cohen
Artistic director, Jerusalem Season of Culture: Itay Mautner

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