Under the Mountain 2014

New Public Art Festival
24 - 27 July

Under the Mountain is a contemporary platform for live art and politics in public space. Under the Mountain presents performances, architectural expressions and common assets by artists, citizens and public officials. It operates in public institutions and sites of national, civic and religious significance in Jerusalem, with the aim of placing art and artists in the very centre of the public enterprise. Under the Mountain is what happens when citizens and the state are present together on one stage.  

In its fourth year, the festival offers new forms of assembly in public sites. Through use of performative, artistic and discursive means, the actions made by Israeli and international artists participating in Under the Mountain 2014 address the public experience and aim to destabilize the power relations between state/citizen/artist.  

The festival is comprised of a group of immaterial artworks that take place in various sites of political power, places in which public opinion is constituted, where collective consciousness and public order are formed. These are the stages upon which we perform, as citizens or representatives of the state – the Supreme Court, to the Prime Minister’s house, and up to a police exhibition presenting riot control equipment. Works in the festival will include former members of the intelligence community, reserve IDF soldiers, and other performers who embody the performance of the state.

This year Under the Mountain will take place in five central sites in Jerusalem and includes unprecedented artistic collaborations with several state bodies. 

Curator: Omer Krieger
Producer: Yael Cohen
Communications: Ariel Adiram
Artistic director, Jerusalem Season of Culture: Itay Mautner